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Re-used art FTW! Space for next picture! :D


Name: Poison LDrago T125RF
Beast: Ice Dragon
Special Moves: Toxic Rush (slams recklessly into opponent), Streaming Blizzard Slash (comes down from sky and slashes opponent repeatedly, but cannot be seen because of fierce snowstorm illusion)
Other powers: Can float! :D (why do you think I chose Thermal Pisces' Spin Track?)


Name: Kai Kōridoku
Preferred role: One of those on-their-own-side characters, like Tsubasa was in Metal Fusion. Otherwise, villain.
Personality: Calm and cold, but can lose control. Explains things scientifically, and does not get sentimental.
Battle style: Normally clean and tactical, but can be violent when pushed to it.

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