Arrow Archer II- King's Quest

remixed by imbeast
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Notes and Credits (added by imbeast)

Credit to Maki-Tak for the Boss sprite I was to lazy to draw myself xD

-=Update v1.3=-
-Fixed Enemey Glitch
-Fixed Intro glitch
-Fixed Gear Glitch

The sequal to the original I made a few months ago. This one features 15 new levels, more to the concept, an updated multiplayer and some glitch fixes. (Also, the last level is a boss.)

-=How to Play=-
Click the mouse to shoot an arrow, and then use your mouse to guide the arrow to the goal. Be careful not to let the arrow hit a wall, because it will send you back to the start of the level. Hit buttons to unlock walls, hit gears to spin around turnable walls and avoid emenies to reach the goal!

Grab a friend to play a randomly selected level. Take it in turns trying to get to the end. The First to make it to the end of the level wins.

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