Pocket-God (V1.0)

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There are three castaways on an island. One day the yellow one (you) decided to take over the island. You received many powers and now you want revenge, revenge for when they didnt trust you to steer the boat back to land.

Fire- You can burn them or do whatever you want with them. Press space to stop it.

Space Laser- A laser shoots down from space and destroys the ones of your choice (duh).

Volcano- A volcano erupt and destroys everything.

The Tree- When you click the tree three times a coconut falls. Do what you want with it.

Lightning- you can drag the lightning from the cloud to destroy andthing. Press space to stop it.

Flood- The ocean rises and everything dies.


Picking up things- you can pick up anything but the tree.

Reviving The Islanders- Click the plus at the top.

List of Actions- Click the actions button.

I will update this every month.

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