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Sorry for the bad quality and sorry one of the pictures is a bit dark. (you have to look closely)


This is my town on Minecraft! I created it without using mods and the only materials I used were mined by me.

I started off building the hotel you can see in the first picture, I built 8 floors of it, then I decided I wanted to make more buildings so I made a path and a little mud bridge (as you can see in one of the first pictures) then built th evillage shop, a couple of house then a villa. I then crossed to another island and made a holiday house.

Soon after this came the market, the highstreet and the church. Then the mansion, park, wheat farms and the begggining of the eastern district.

By now I had about 50 buildings, and it wasn't much of a town. I continued building and wanted to make a castle. I started my own little mine just underground and made this castle. Then, I don't know how, but I just got a bit of wood and stone and built the whole of the eastern district in about 1 hour, about another 40+ buildings.

From there I just kept making it bigger and bigger, adding every type of building. If you have Minecraft (and the time) i really reccomend building your own town, it's really worth it. And if you don't have Minecraft, get it and build a town :)


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