Spongebob's Jellyfishing Game 3.5

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Spongebob and friends are going out jellyfishing (again!). How many can they catch before they get stung too many times? To start, click Play. Then click on "Select Stage" to pick one, and now select a game mode (details down below). Next, decide if you want 1 or 2 players. Finally, select whether you want to play as Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Squidward, or Mr. Krabs, or one of the 3 secret characters if you have unlocked them!

Game modes: Endless: Play until you run out of health. 100 jellyfish run: Go for the best time collecting 100 jellyfish. 3 minute run: Try to collect as many jellyfish as possible before time runs out. Vs. Karen: Similar to Endless, but against the computer. Outlast and outcatch Karen for victory! You will unlock Karen upon completing this mode (Karen must be out of health, and you must have more jellyfish than her).

Controls: P1: Move:arrow keys Jump: up arrow Drop through floor:down key Use net: spacebar. P2: Move: A/D Jump:W Drop through floor: S Use net: Q.

Items: Krabby Patty:Gives you 1 more health point. Normal Net: Reverts you to normal net. Hi-Tech Extendo Net: Longer than normal net. Pencil:Creates a doodle buddy who will run across the stage and grab jellyfish. Quad Super-Net: Normal net, but longer and covers all directions! Netgun: Shoots a net out that grabs jellyfish when it hits them. Reef Blower *NEW*: Creates an epic momentary cone of suction that removes every jellyfish inside. However, you can't move while it runs and it has a cooldown!

*NEW* Jellyfish types: Pink basic jellyfish: Has no special powers. Orange energy ball jellyfish: Throws energy balls. Purple lightning jellyfish: Shoots unavoidable lightning bolts if not caught quickly. Blue tough jellyfish: Must be caught twice; teleports and speeds up when caught the first time. Green energy ring jellyfish: Creates energy rings. White stealth jellyfish: Turns invisible.

On the options menu, you can view unlocked trophies, enter cheats, erase saved data, and change game settings. At the game setting menu, you can select which items and jellyfish types appear, set jellyfish movement patterns and speed, and select the type of net you start with. Happy Jellyfishing!


- Reef Blower item.
- 6 jellyfish types.
- "Game Settings" menu.
- Options to select starting net. This replaces cheatcodes that used to give option to select starting net.
- Options to select which items and jellyfish spawn.
- Jellyfish speed selection.
- New stages.

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