Super Pokemon Smash Brothers Johto Actual Version

remixed by Megalife
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Notes and Credits (added by Megalife)

Nintendo and Pokemon Firered own the pictures. I got the photos from To select your stage and character, use the mouse. When the level starts you move with the arrow keys and attack with space. There are 19 courses and 32 characters.
Please tell me how improve the game, and please don't complain if it is slow online. Double-06 and Bubble-07 helped me on a few parts, so please view their projects (Run+Punch by Double-06 and Star Faux by Bubble-07 are really good games). Please Download, because with all the scripts this game is really slow online. If I get over 100 views in the first month of release, or over 40 love-its I will make either more pokemon from Johto, or new pokemon from Hoenn.

Please Enjoy!!!!!!!

Want another rare pokemon? Try this riddle and type in the first letter of the answer in Mystery Gift.

For Charizard (also in previous game)
1. The held item that boosts Fire Pokemon's attack (first letter, like Mystic Water)
2. 5-1
3. The Bug/Fighting Pokemon on Page 2 (not Scizor people! First Letter!
4. The Number of Pokemon you can have in your party at one time in pokemon red.
5. The second letter in Bayleef.
6. 78-70=

If you got all the answers right you can play as Charizard!

Second Hunt For Bulbasaur (also in previous game Kanto)
1. Wishcash's pre-evolve form (first letter)
2. The letter before V.
3. How many starter pokemon you get in pokemon gold.
4. The pokemon version released on the same day as Red in the United States (First Letter)
5. 65-61+5-5
6. If you kept your starter in your party in pokemon silver for the whole game how many other pokemon can you have in your party?

Enjoy if you got the answers right your Bulbasaur!

Hunt For Pikachu (also in previous game)
1. What color do you get if you mix Blue and Red (First Letter)
2. 2x2x2-6
3. Evolve form of Krabby (first letter)
4. Double #2's Answer
5. The grass legendary pokemon in Johto (In this game First Letter)
6. How many pokemon are in your party at one time (max)

Enjoy Pikachu if you got the answers right!

Hunt 4 Squirtle (In Kanto Version)
1. What is the Turtle pokemon in Johto (First Letter Hint: has high defense)
2. The letter before R
3. Teddiursa evolves into (First Letter)
4. How many starters your rival gets in pokemon yellow
5. 56-49
6. How many starters are there to choose from in pokemon gold.

Enjoy Squirtle if you got all the answers right!

The other pokemon are only obtainable through download! They are the Legendary Birds and more (NOW INCLUDING BLASTOISE AND VENASAUR). THEY HAVEN'T BEEN obtainable yet, so hurry up and download! Just look under Mystery Gift and the secret code will be revealed!

To get the other new pokemon you must download this game, or wait until next update. They include Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres, and a surprise regular pokemon.

Also if you remix this game, change the sprites AND the scripts.

Now with 4 different modes and a return to main menu button.
Easy Your Health x2
Medium just begin your health =
Hard other player has x2 your health
Extreme other player has x5 your health

New Courses and Playable Characters including Venasaur and Blastoise if you download!


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