I posted something. Yey. (Including my theme~)*

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Wow, I am impressed by my new cable box :D It posted this in a second, No joking, bros. C:

Haters gonna hate me CB DERP.

You want to know the results for my coloring contest? Well. Here they are;
Honors: Aerofable,
UnleashTheBeast864, SugarPaw, Uni030301, Umbereon101


Go look at my coloring contest to request your prizes

Credit to someone for the song(I forgot their name, unless i got it from Jbutts10)

Song:The In Crowd-Mitchell Musso
You know, This song describes me so well, It's one of my main themes. Sad huh? Well nobody cares. :P

So...I posted an upgrade on how I draw now. Yey.
Don't even think about stealing this you art stealers on scratch C: Because I will find you and troll you. And don't even think about copying it either, copiers.

This cat fails so hard that it's hilarious...:P
But in a way, I like it.

Im taking painting classes, so I can paint realism and stuff like that. And I'm going to take drawing classes, So I don't draw like this; *points to cat in project and other previous projects with drawings in it* again.

Eliza1~ (AKA The girl who doesn't have a dA, skype, or anything like that C:)

You know...I miss the old days, When none of my freinds left. Now half of them are gone, some I don't even SEE anymore...

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