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This is unusual paint. It can remember everything you draw and even HOW you draw it!

1. Drawing
Firstly, click "Create" button in group "Control". Then choose any color (click it in the palette) and size (use "+" and "-" buttons to change it), and draw at the free white space above like in any usual painting program. You may choose any other color and size while drawing. When finished, click "Stop" button.

2. Playback
You first "cool" picture is ready (such pictures will be called "drawings" in the sequel). Now you can watch, how it was made. Just click play button in group "Control" and enjoy. You can stop this process by clicking pause button in group "Control" and then resume playback by clicking play button. You can also see a gray bar (which gradually becomes blue while a drawing is played) in group "Control", which shows how much part of the drawing has already been played.

3. Saving, deleting, overwriting drawings
3.1 You can also save your drawings (up to 10 ones) in Cool Paint! (in fact, if you want them to be really saved, you should download the program to your computer, open it in Scratch and draw there; besides, when you want to exit Scratch (with this program), you should re-save the program).
When your drawing is finished (you've clicked "Stop" button), you can click "Save" button at the end of "Drawings" list in group "Control" in order to save it (you can scroll this list by clicking up and down arrows, if there are more than 3 saved drawings).
Wait a minute... and it appears in the list! (as the last drawing).
3.2 To play any of saved drawings you should click "load" button at the right of its number. Playback will automatically start. You can also stop and resume it (see paragraph 2).
3.3 To remove any drawing from the list of saved ones, you should click "delete" button at the right of its number and wait a minute...
3.4 You can also overwrite any saved drawing by a new one by clicking "overwrite" button (instead of "save" one) at the right of the number of drawing you want to overwrite. (also wait a minute...)

4. Editing
Besides all of this, you can edit any of saved drawings (or a just created one). The are two types of editing: adding something else to the drawing and deleting some part of it.
4.1 If you want to add something to a finished drawing, you should play it stop at the moment where you want to "paste" your addition into; then click "Edit button" in the group control. (you can also "paste" it into the end of the drawing: play it up to the end and then click "Edit" button.) Then you can draw as it's described in paragraph 1; click "Stop" button when finished. Then you can deal with the edited drawing as with a new one (play, save, overwrite...).
4.2 If you want to delete a part of a drawing you should firstly specify some time interval of this drawing.
In order to do this, move two black triangles, which are situated above the progress (gray) bar in group "Control". There positions determine which a part of a drawing. For example, if the left triangle is situated above the left border of progress bar, and the right one is situated above its center, the first half of the drawing is selected. (it can be useful to move the triangles when the drawing's playback was stop; in this case the triangles will "stick" to the border between blue and gray parts of the progress bar - this triangle's location corresponds to the moment where playback was stopped.) When time interval is specified, click "del. part" button in group "Control" and wait a minute... :-) You also can think that this edited drawing has just been created and save it or overwrite an existing saving as it was a new drawing.

5. Notes
5.1 If you want to turn off the sound, click a sound sign in group control. The sign will change and all sounds will be turned off. To resume them, click the sign again.
5.2 If you've enjoyed Cool Paint and created some drawings you'd like to share, save the program with them at your computer (as described in 3.1) and upload it to Scrarch site. I'll be very grateful!

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