Turn Based Battle Engine test7

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Here is version 7 of my awesome turn-based battle engine. OK, maybe it isn't that awesome... but I hope you have fun! First, select your characters. To do this, press the stop button to make two character select buttons appear which you can use to select a character. You can select from four characters: classic cat, space cat, magic cat, and now martial arts cat. Press B to switch through backgrounds. Now press the green flag to start. To make each cat attack, just click one of their attack buttons, and you'll see what happens. The HP rating is how much damage an attack does and the Acc rating is how likely an attack is going to hit (out of 6, so 6 acc is perect accuracy). Then the other cat gets their turn. First cat to drain away all of the other's health wins! About unique attacks: Lockon: Your next attack has 100% accuracy. Teleport: Next attack will miss, even if the opponent used Lockon the previous turn. Superblast/ChoppingFury: Nothing happens the turn you use it, but you will attack automatically the next turn. Low Stats Spell: Opponent's next attack has half damage. Counter: You will not attack the turn you use it, but the next time your opponent attacks they will be hit back with 3/4 of the damage they inflicted on you. Have fun, everyone! And, please tell me which cat you think is best so I can improve the others so they are all equal! And do you have an idea for a new character?

What's new: Martial arts cat, you can now select HP each cat starts with (hit stop sign button then select), each cat has random phrases at beginning and end now, new arena background, and some random bugs have been fixed.

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