Jurassic Park RPG v0.5

remixed by dixiklo
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Start by DOULE-PRESSING the green flag!
Arrow keys: Move
Space: Perform a jump attack that can harm smaller dinosaurs.
Touching the question mark-mushrooms takes you to the next level.
Every second level is a survival level, the other ones are unfinished.

Notes and Credits (added by dixiklo)

Oh yeah, I remember this project. Not one of my best ones, but it was just a test anyways. Check out my newer, better projects if you want to see something less outdated.

Original description:
"This is my first RPG- and Jurassic Park- project, Jurassic Park RPG.

You play as a raptor (I hate them) and move through the Park (this plays in Jurassic Park II). Now let the hunting begin...

God creates Dinosaurs. God destroys Dinosaurs. Human recreate Raptors. Raptors chase Gallimimus. Gallimimus stampede. T-Rex awakes. T-Rex chases Triceratops. Triceratops stampede. T-Rex chases Raptors. Humans get scared. Humans chase Raptors...

Not done yet:
Gallimimus, T-Rex and Human Bosses; every Level (Run to the mushroom to complete them).

Credit to youthboy for the Jurassic Park NES logo, to Drshnaps for the Raptors (and in future the Gallimimus) from Jurassic Park SNES and to SupaChao for the start button from Dr Robotniks Bean Machine (Genesis). EVERY SINGLE OTHER SPRITE RIPPED BY ME, please give credit if used. All sounds found on www.findsounds.com.

Full version:
- enemies which you must hunt
- enemies which hunt you
- things to jump over
- things to break
- 2 player mode
- (possibly) Items?
- (possibly) 2 player battle mode"

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