Butterfree-Venomoth Case

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Latest News:

It's true! The evolution lines were swapped! It is currently unknown why.

An article from the fact site:

The main theory as to why they done this goes back to when the anime first started; Ash's second Pokémon was a Caterpie - as the creators had planned, however once it had reached its final evolution, it would not looks as cute and attractive as a big bug eyed butterfly. Therefore they decided to change the two around so that it would be easier for children to get attached to Caterpie's final evolution.

Some facts from Smash Boards:

Some fun facts!

In the original, original Sugimori artwork of Caterpie, it actually had six legs. The last pair was dropped before creation of the game in which it has four legs.

Just to point out, Venonat and Butterfree share these similarities:
- Same eyes, mouth, and teeth
- Same antennae
- Same hands
- Both are the only out of all five of these Pokemon to have pronounced feet
- Both are the same purple

Caterpie and Venomoth have the following similarities:
- Both originally had six legs
- Both have the closest resembling eyes out of these five Pokemon
- Venomoth actually resembles an insect far more than Butterfree, particularly Caterpie's general shape (Metapod actually moreso)
- Both share an antennae-crest atop their heads

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