Super Mario Bloopers 3

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Notes and Credits

1st top viewed on April 6!
3rd top loved April 8!
2nd top loved April 10!
Over 1000 views on April 10!
1st top loved April 12!
Over 2000 views on July 4!!! Thanks everyone for viewing and loving this!!!

I fixed the glitch in the shell's animation. It should work online now although I still strongly suggest you download it.

Love-its are VERY much appreciated. I worked for a looooooong time on this, especially on making sure the animation is basically spot-on and debugging, so please give this the front page it deserves! Remeber, fan support keeps the series going!

The project might take a while to load and the intro might be a bit long but the awesome music hopefully will make them up.

Sprites made by Nintendo, and ripped from sprite sheets from and (Mario Fan Games Galaxy).

Sound effects from and some other sources.

Music from Newgrounds.

Super Mario Bros. is made by Nintendo.

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