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Here are all the anthros and short bio's. One is an already made anthro the other is its relation and the other three nd brand new.

Name:Sakura Species: Yellow Dash Hedgehog Age: In the 20's Family: Skulldoom(Husband) Ash (Son)

Name: Ash
Species: Wolfhog Age : 10 Family: Sakura(Mother)Skulldoom(Father) Name: Mikki Species: Angelhog Age: 16 (Actually 1,600) Family: Fade, Draco (Cousins)

Name: Drago Species: Dragonhog (the only one left) Age: 18 (Actually 1,800) Family Mikki, Fade (Cousins)

Name: Fade Species: Ghosthog (Killed by Morbid) Age:??? Family: Mikki, Drago (Cousins) Abilities: (In order) Sakura: Weapons, Chaos Moves Ash: Chaos moves (Specialty: Chaos Accopolypse) Mikki: Telekinises, Pyrokenises, etc. Drago: Rage of the Dragon Fade: Invisibility, Possesion, etc.

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