Calculator With Functions

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Notes and Credits (added by macweirdo)

Originally by Paddle2See, but I'm fixing things.

FIXED (so far): Parenthesis have enhanced fault detection.

x/0 and sqrt(-1) are gracefully handled instead of causing a fail.

You can implicit multiply now: 2(2+1)=6

Variables added. (name)=(number)
To clear variables, just click the start flag.

Variables fixed a little.

Scientific notation can now be denoted like 1.23e4

x The result of the last calculation
pi Pi
e Euler's number
phi Golden Ratio

Technical Notes
This evaluator takes the Infix string and first converts it to a list of Infix elements. Next, is uses a modified version of the Shunting Yard Algorithm (see wikipedia) to convert the Infix list to a Postfix list (Reverse Polish Notation) which it finally evaluates.

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