Rainbow Circle Generator

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Use this project to create pretty rainbow circles. Just move the sliders around and then press the "generate" button and your circle will be created. "Stop" is basically a pause button. Try making a circle, then pressing stop, changing the sliders around (make sure to slide "size" downward otherwise your previous circle will be covered up) and press generate again. You can make some pretty cool-looking shapes. Also, try moving the sliders around as the circle is generating. That will also get you some pretty cool effects, particularly the size slider. The clear button will erase your circle so you can start over. Just press stop before you press clear or your circle will keep generating.

Here are some cool combos I've found. The size for these isn't particularly important, so I've left that out:

Turn: 7
Color: 66
Pattern: 1

Turn: 5
Color: 3
Pattern: 1

Turn: 10
Color: 42
Pattern: 4
(this pattern is by chumba)

If you have any more cool combonations, post them in comments and maybe I'll put them up here :D

One last note: If you put the color slider to 100 the two colors you get will be random. To get new colors slide the color slider down and then back up.

Have fun and please comment/love it!

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