I wanna be a FIREFIGHTER!!!!

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Haha, i got you a little video for New Years! Ahhhh....... it's been a great year for me. (REALLY, I almost cry just thinking about leaving 2010) But 2011 is now with us.


Q: Where do you get your sounds? A: I will usually get them from Youtube. But HOW do I get it in SUCH good quality? If you go to Listentoyoutube.com, there will be a box on the screen (beware, it has pop-ups) if you type the youtube URL in the box and press enter, you will be able to download the entire audio track of the youtube vid! (MP3)

Q: Where do you get your ideas? A: The same way evryone gets them, I guess. Life experiences, books, youtube, pretty much everythang.

Q: LOL A: You lost the game.

Q: Why do you use STICKMEN instead of real people? A: If you've ever seen me draw a person, there's your answer. Besides, not EVERYTHING has to be like that. I use sticmen to freshen things up, and let me tell you, its been 5 months and still ripe as an apple.

Q: Check out my vids please! A: I remember what it was like to be non-famous. So I will usually let spam go through. (hey, does it hurt to have more comments?)

Q: Where do you live? A: IN JO DREAMS!!!

Q: Wanna be freinds? A: NO. If I want to be freinds, I'll find you my self.

Q: How do you- oh, wait. FAQ's end here. Sorry.
Credit to Astro947 DO NOT FLAG!!!

This project's assignment: What's YOUR new-years resolution?

Once, again, HAPPY 2011!!!
credit to astro947

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