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a Refrence sheet on Magi the Wolf.

her name is pronounced Ma-G Not like that grannie name Magie.

Information on Magi:

Magi is a cursed wolf.
Magi Isnt her real name she cannot remember it.
She is about 235 years of age But takes the Apearance and the mind of a 15 year olf human girl.
Magi was a Shrine maiden on the moon, But when humanity found a way to live on earth, they jumped at the chance. Magi was given another soul to escape loosing her own soul. As a reasult she became immortal.

Her Shrine was attacked on earth during a raid. She killed all the men attacking and broke everthing she had lived for.

As a reasault god himself cursed her, so she lost her human form.

She started to live out in the wilds taming the wilds and causing trouble for those in the city. Then 2 men attacked her and took her to a lab to be experimented on.

From experiments she Lost her mind and attempted to kill them all, but she regained her concuoisness from a man name Kaji who knocked her out.

During another raid whist Magi was asleep she got shot to put her out of her "Pain", but Survived and learned the meaning of her Immotality.

She is the OFFICAL creater of Beuty (Offical spelling of "Beauty" but still is pronouced Beauty)


Magi and Beuty are my most Loved OCs on "Scratch" so they get there Referances before anyone else.


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