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U101: ok, i dont know WHO 3313 is, or WHY he's quitting, but i do know this: if people keep quitting, there will be no scratch. 3313, i dont know WHO u r, but DONT QUIT! i tell this to EVERYONE who wants to quit, PLEASE STAY! if someone is bothering u, add them to ur ignore list. i ABSOLUTELY HATE WHEN PEOPLE QUIT SCRATCH!!!! (also, please dont blame me for not knowing who 3313 is. ive heard of him, but ive never seen his projects. seriously, DONT blame me. i dont know who half the KNOWN people r one scratch, so seriously, DO NOT BLAME ME!)

Mystic: 3313, u were 1 of my buddies on mudkip27, please don't leave ... please ... no one should quit ... add those bullies to your ignore list!!!!!!! JUST DON'T QUIT!!!!!!!!!!! Look here for more. PLEASE DON'T QUIT!!!!!!!!

Scratchycat123: I remember 3133! i don't want him to quit! D,:

Krymat: Never heard of him, but I don't want him to quit.

Also changed music. swap it out if you want.

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