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PLEEZ!!! I REALLY need people to do this.
Download and read the script notes.

Hey there! This is sample script for the auditions. You should do a few of them.

Numero Uno: ^Raspy man's voice^ Here, grab a log. Mi casa es su...oh, wait, nevermind. Well, you ain't caught on yet? I thought everybody knew. *Chuckle* Well be thankful _you_ ain't 300 dollas in debt. See, I used to be a stock broker meself. Then, one day...Well, enough about me. What's your story, Yofondo?

Numero Dos: ^No-nonsense voice^ Ugh, Simmons, that blammed pigeon had another go at my sleeve. *Ahemhem* ATTENTION STUDENTS! We have a bout of lice amongst the 6th graders this month. So I want you all to make an effort to be a little less disgusting. And I know for a fact that some of you have and share wigs...*cough* REED. *pauses* I don't CARE how hard your scalp is trying. Anyway, prepare for a health seminar on lice next Friday. You should ALL work on being less disgusting.

Numero Tres: ^Whiny brit voice^ This is rubbish! 2 pounds a plate? You'll all have a FIELD DAY with that money! My _daddy_ says this meat is from rats! RATS, of all things! ...Oh, is that yogurt there?

#1: ^Elderly lady singing to herself^ Don't call me name, Don't call me name, Jalapeño! ...WHOOP! Oh, hi, Paul! You scared me there! Would you like some baloney? I'll go get the toothpaste out of the microwave. ^Now farther away, with some mild clanging^ Oooh, that's some hot Chamomile! Rrroot toot toot tooty, yes siree. Oh, hello, cinnamon! Who knew you were there?

#2: ^Australian bank teller^ I'm sorry, we don't take that kind of currency here. ^Leaning in, whispering^ 2 blocks down, you can stop at O'donnell's and they'll give an exchange. I wouldn't trust this bank with a dime of my money. ^Leaning back out, 20-inch voice^ *Smiles* Have a nice day!

#3: ^Sobbing^ They took EVERYTHING! My phone, my pack of gum, I think they nabbed my kidney...all I have left is my pride! Oh yeah, and and my money. And my house... oh, it's UNBEARABLE!

Thanks for giving 2 minutes of your life! Hope you have a beautiful voice xD

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