Mecha Wars

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In this game, you are in control of a mecha, a robot designed to infiltrate enemy bases in world war III. You are a novice mecha driver and this is your first mission out of many (yes, there are going to be more of these games!).


Press Start to start your mission.
There are 2 campaigns, so click on the one you
want to do (lava, or forest)

W,A,S,D or the arrowkeys to move and jump across the land, and aim your gun with the mouse. Click to shoot. (you use the gun to shoot enemy mechas).
You have 3 lives, and your lives are displayed in the top left corner. Each life has 100 health (top right corner) Dont touch Dark red or you lose some health, and dont touch dark blue ar you die instantly. Enter the base to win!

Love-its are greatly appreciatted, because i worked hard, and for ages on this!!

Oh, yeah, G.A.4 is coming aswell.

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