A Close Shave V1.4

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V1.4: Fixed some bugs.

A Close Shave challenges you to shave face without making your customer go through too much unnecessary pain. How fast can you shave face?

Left and right arrow keys to change direction/move.
Accidentally shave a nose, lips, or eyes? That's OK, well, unless the green bar runs out, in which case, you'll lose a heart. Lose all three hearts, and you have to restart. Don't touch the edges of the screen, or you'll drop your razor!

You live in the small village of Barbara. Today is the day that you get your chance to become a barber! The village elders will send you on a hair/barber-related quest. If you complete it, you become a barber! If you don't, well, no one's really returned to say what happens if you don't complete the quest. You remember how your father had to rescue a beautiful princess from a castle, and then cut her hair. The princess fell in love with your father, and they were soon married. You hope that your quest will end as well as your father's did. Suddenly, you hear quick footsteps coming towards you. It's your brother, and he says that the village elders have finally asked for you! This is your chance! You run to the elder's court. As you come in, you see them in a huddle together. Within the minute, they come out of the huddle. "We have decided upon your quest," a tall, thin one said. "You must find the Holy Razor, and bring it to us. You shall leave tomorrow." The next day, you wake up with a yawn. You suddenly remember that today, you [hope to] become a real barber! You quickly eat breakfast, and go outside, to find a horse prepared for you. You climb the horse, and leave the village. After riding for a few hours, you decide to take a short rest in the shade. You find a cave, and enter it, and you are quickly asleep. You wake up an hour later, to find a bear staring you right in the eye! The bear is blocking the cave entrance! You decide to escape deeper into the cave- perhaps there is another exit. After running a few thousand feet with the bear quickly behind you, you come to a dead end. You hope that you die a painless death, when suddenly, something catches your eye- it's a razor with a magnet attached! As soon as you grab it, you know what you must do. You shave the bear completely with a few quick swipes of the razor, and it runs away in cowardice. Not only were you victorious against the bear, but you have found the Holy Razor! You quickly return to the village, and the village elders declare you a true barber. Now, a few years later, you are shaving a particularly hairy customer...

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Basic idea - Nyarlu Labs
Programming and artwork - Sunrise-Moon
Music - Kevin Macleod

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