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The sequel to Squared Away. I had thought that the blocks in Squared Away were pretty lame, so I added three new blocks: water (light blue), trampoline (pink), and cannon (purple).


You start in building mode. Click to place a block. Keep in mind that the character (the dark blue block) starts at the word START. Use G to switch to green ground blocks, L to switch to red lava blocks, F to switch to orange finish blocks, T to switch to pink trampoline blocks, W to switch to light blue water blocks, and C to switch to purple cannon blocks. You can only have one cannon per level, because you can aim them. When you place a cannon, move your mouse around to aim it and then click. If you want to clear the blocks, just click the green flag. When you're ready to continue, press the SPACE bar.


Use the arrow keys to move the blue block. Green blocks are normal. You can walk on them normally. Lava blocks and the bottom of the screen, when touched, will send you back to the beginning. Trampolines will shoot you up twice as you can jump, you can swim in water, and a cannon shoots you in the direction it's pointed. If you reach an orange block or press the E key, you will go back to the building stage.

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