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HOLY FFFFF- YOU GAIS. 300 LOVES?!? O.O *splodes* I really owe you gais one, I mean it. OH HAI! BTW, The brown cat is supposed to be ME, Cuz I was too lazy to draw Myself. xD I can be lazy if I WANNA! lol anyway, Yeah, I bet EVERYONE has a stalker of their own somewere, well this is mine, he goes to my school and is REELY creepy.. (not mentioning names) But if you know me in Real Life, You KNOW Who that's supposed to be! XD Lol I HOPE YOU SEE THIS, STALKER! 8D YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. >83 Lol, enjoy! This meme was started by HinaUchi, So I brought it to Scratch. ^_^ You can remix this meme with YOUR OWN CHARACTERS, please do not use or recolor mine! KTHNXBAI.

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