Sonic Advance 2

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Game Start:

-Arrow keys - move
-Down key while moving - spin attack (will kill enemies)
-Down key while still - crouch
-Space while not crouching - jump
-Space while crouching - spin dash, release down then release space to gain speed fast

Chao Garden:

-Arrow keys - scroll in garden
-Space - use stamina during chao races

-Put mouse over info bar and it will pop out.
(will only come out if chao is hatched and isn't evolving or using an animal)
-To use animals: Drag and release on chao; if not released on chao or pullout bar, it will disappear.

-Chao evolve at age 2, if two stats tie for highest, it will evolve into the normal chao. (stamina not included)
-Chaos chao can't die (unless reset). To get one your chao must evolve when all stats are 3 or higher and equal to each other (stamina not included, hint.. skunk ALWAYS increases all stats by one) and your chao must have been reborn 2 or more times.
-Chao die or are reborn (based on stats) at age 6.

-Your chao will never age, evolve, or die when the info bar is open!

Try to win all race levels to unlock toys for your chao!

Ironically the fly chao has no flying sprites; it will run through the air in the races.

The whole bridge in the chao races is your power stat.

act 1 complete= 0 extra rings
act 2 complete= 5 extra rings
act 3 complete=10 extra rings

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Notes and Credits

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Play the game like it was meant to be played, in presentation mode and, if needed, in turbo mode with sounds off.

Sprites from spriters-resource and chaotropolis

Zone music from sam_m_j

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