Ghost 4: The Final Test Chamber (Download!!!)

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Fixed the level counter glitch...

Credit to RHY for the main game engine! Also, the music from new grounds!

30 levels, awesome graphic updates, new "3 key" system, and much more. The latest, and last, Ghost game is the hardest and best one yet. Ghost 4, the puzzle platformer, has taken me many hours of work to complete. But here, it finally is. I tried my best to give a bit of a tribute to the series long term fans, by finally answering many questions. The biggest one, revealing of the watcher...or perhaps not? Well to save you some time, no. The watcher is still unknown.

-=The Story So far=-
In early times, a strange source of energy was descovered by a young man. Though at the time, technology was too limited to find out how it worked. In 1945 tests were set up in Area 51 to test this energy. After a young test subject, subject #001, complete all the testing for this energy, the US army hid all traces of, what they now know as, an MXA elemet. The element was made illegal to have position of.

It's the year 2010. The Ghosting system was built to secretly test a banned element known as "MXA." An advertisement was placed in a news paper asking for volunteers to put their lives at risk for testing these so called "GHOST" machines. You decide to sign up for the add, after hearing completing all the tests will gain you $1.4 million. After phoning the number on the add, you are brought, via limo, into a desert. Before you know it, just as you step out the vehicle, everything suddenly goes black. You wake up in test lab 1. After completing test after test, challenge after challange, you are now about to face the final testing lab. You hear the computer generated voice of the watcher, echo in your ears. "Welcome to Test Chamber 3. Prepare to Die."

-=Prepare to Enter Test Chamber 3=-
Ghost games are different from any other games you would have played before. Using the MXA element and the iGhost system, you can "ghost" through walls to the other side. To complete a test, grab all 3 keys, and head to the door to move to the next. There are 30 levels to get through. Good luck.

Arrow Keys: Move/Jump
Space: Ghost
R: Reset Position

-=NEW Stuff=-
There's a lot of differences between this game and previous ones in the series. Now featuring some new graphics, level counter, key counter, harder puzzles and much more. Also note, that I took out the "Ghosting Energy" feature, allowing you ghost as long as you want, when ever you want.

-=Top Viewed=-

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