Ant Tycoon

remixed by joeylego
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Use the left mouse button to control almost everything.
Mouse over the upgrades to make them bigger.
Click ‘sound’ or press ‘s’ to turn the sound on or off.
Press the 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 numbers to change songs when the ‘sound’ icon is not on mute.
Click the ‘End Game’ button to stop the game. Type in y or yes when it asks you the question.

Notes and Credits (added by joeylego)

Glitches in Flash. Play with Java for more enjoyable ant-ness.

***3.0 is out!***

Welcome to the tycoon experience of a lifetime. (On Scratch, anyway. XD)

This is a Joeylego Production entitled ANT WAR, and is a game where you own a colony of ants and attempt to make them survive as long as possible.


-Achievements that you can unlock! There are the Penny pincher achievement, the Pig Award, and the Long-laster achievement! Press the trophy when the day is done to see your achievements. Mouse over to see details!
-A currency called pebbles, which you can use in the
-Ant Store, where you can buy upgrades to get things to upgrade your colony.

-A save and load system, where it gives you a code to type in the next time you start playing. (Only if you quit)

Extra Ants, where you receive extra ants at the start of each day.
Extra Pebbles, where you can receive extra pebbles every day.
Random Upgrade 1-4, which will give you a small burst of population, hill size, or food.
Random Upgrade 4-10, which will give you a large burst of population, hill size, or food.

-12 unique events that can affect your colony in different ways.

-A handy 'Events' list that displays all the events that happened that day.

-A complex scoring system that determines a score when you lose. (Download to see how it is done; it is on the bottom of the stage.)
-5 songs to choose from.


Each day, events will pop up. After they are all done, a button that has the words 'End Day' will pop up. Press this, unless you want to read through the events.
After you end the day, the ant store will come up. If you want to buy something, just click it! If you have enough Pebbles, (Your Pebble balance is shown in the bottom-left corner) it will complete the transaction and you will receive the perks!
You end or load a game by pressing the recover/end button. Just follow the instructions it gives you.

.:NEW IN 3.0:.

-More songs to choose from
-2 new events
-3 achievements!
-Graphics updated
-Simpler scripts
-A saving and loading system

Well, that is pretty much all I have to explain, but if you have any questions, please comment and I will help ASAP!

Sighing off,


June 10th, 2011: 500 views! Halfway to 1,000!
January 9th, 2011: 3.0 is out!
November 30th, 2010: Over 400 views! Thanks, guys!!
August 14th, 2010: Featured! Thanks, kayybee!
August 16th, 2010: Over 300 views! My most famous project by FAR!

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BTW, sorry there is such a long description! (LOL, 3 pages in Microsoft Word!)

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