Turret Game v1.6

remixed by pyrodon
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Notes and Credits (added by pyrodon)

This game works fine online, but download for the best results.

My Friend and I made this together! Post your high score in the comments!Try to beat my score of 1012!

-Hold down the left click button to fire bullets one after another. This is great when you have the double speed power-up.
-Your bullet only stops when it hits an edge, so you can kill multiple cars in one hit!
-Try to time a good place to use your bomb power-up. Wait until there is a lot of cars in a clump or something.

-Reduced the chance that the shield will appear.
-Took off the music (it made the game lag online... We'll probably add the music back later, but in a smaller size. So it would just be a looping 20 second soundtrack.)
-added sounds for when you get a power-up
-other various fixes

Click "Love it!" If enough people like the game, we will add the ability to buy upgrades for your castle at a shop!

Pyrodon- 1012
doomlord336- 981
Kao- 755
adonnell- 550
64diovin- 538
Xinaron- 507
bgtnachoman- 382

Shared: 7 May 2010 Modified: 7 May 2010
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