Paper Minecraft v9.0 (Minecraft 2D)

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1 to 9 - Select Item Click - Mine or Place block
WASD - Walk/Swim/Jump E - Open / Close Inventory
E+hover - Open / Close a chest, crafting table, furnace or door!
Space - Drop a single tile from a stack while dragging.
F - Eat food N - Label a sign or chest
Q - Drop item P - Pause / Unpause
T - Talk / Command O - Save your game
M - Music / Sounds L - FAST PC - PRESS THIS!!!

Notes and Credits

New Game! Epic Ninja -

* Press 'L' for full speed mode if your PC is fast enough!
* Chrome Lag? Use adobe flash player instead of pepflashplayer.dll
* For Saved Games:

11 Sept 2014 - v9.0 - Added Zombie Pigmen - Still work to do, but it's a start right...? Spawn eggs, etc to come!

25-07-2014 - v8.10d - Converted more costumes to bitmap to try to fix missing sprite content issues... There's just too many of them for some PC's to handle it appears! :)

23-07-2014 - Passed 1,500,000 Views... wow! :)

16 Jun 2014 - v8.10c - Stopped whitespace at the end of a saved game code causing the saved game to fail to load.

09 June 2014 - v8.10b - Yay... Finally made the axe reversible so it would face the right direction as you turn around.

22 May 2014 - v8.10 - @Scratchifier has pointed out a possible fix for the blank screen bug... Let me know if this has fixed it!

08 May 2014 - 1 million views!!! YAY!!! Thanks everyone :)

23 Apr 2014 - v8.9c - Updated costumes to remove many white background issues in dark areas.
26 Mar 2014 - v8.9b - Reduced the number of required mob costumes to try to reduce load times a little...
25 Mar 2014 - v8.9 - Wolves now start passive, hurt them and they will attack. Click on them with a bone has a 1/3 chance of taming it. (Other fixes include better double jump to fly detection in creative, and i've upped the gamma curve on the brightness so that things are a little smoother)

21 Mar 2014 - v8.8 - Scratch has fixed the brightness effect for us! So
I have reinstated the lighting engine effects by default. Let me know if you prefer this? I wish it could be smoother in appearance, but I can't do anything about that. I can improve the backgrounds behind blocks with transparency (leaves, bed, lava, etc) but it will take some work and I don't want to start doing it unless you guys like the brightness effect as it is.
12 Mar 2014 - v8.7c - Fixes to work around Scratch Bugs (see:
11 Mar 2014 - b8.7b - Improved knock back and attack code.
10 Mar 2014 - v8.7 - Attempted to hack in a little knock back...?
07 Mar 2014 - v8.6 - Added wolf spawn egg, tooltips & natural apples
06 Mar 2014 - v8.5b - Fixes for dungeon sword and durability issues.
05 Mar 2014 - v8.5 - Added Emeralds
04 Mar 2014 - v8.4 - Updated mob scripts to allow easier updates in future + added wolves (not tamable yet, but they will follow you if you
hold out a bone)
03 Mar 2014 - v8.3 - Moss stone dungeon area with a chest treat.
27 Jan 2014 - v8.2 - Wow, An update :) - I've finally given redstone it's own category in the creative menu, plus I've added a create inventory tab allowing you to finally switch around items in your actual inventory from creative, including the ability to equip your armour - Yay!

09 Jan 2014 - v8.1 - Items flow in water, Added Placeable bedrock to creative. Bedrock, Obsidian and liquids not affected by explosions, lava burns up items.

07 Jan 2014 - v8.0 beta - I've added the beginnings of the Nether. There's no nether mobs yet so you'll just meet the normal mobs there for now. Build a nether portal from Obsidian and light the edge of it using flint and steel. Alternatively look in the example worlds at the top for a pre-built nether portal to get you started.

04 Dec 2013 - v7.7b - Pressing 'T' now brings up command help sheet. Pressing 'L' toggles keyboard lag trick, Pressing 'M' enables/disables sound (and music once I've added it)

03 Dec 2013 - v7.7 - Sound - Yes, after long last and many requests I have begun to add some sounds. So far I have the walking and digging (is that digging sound right?), hurt sound, and all mobs except creeper at present.

03 Dec 2013 - v7.6b - Temporarily removed the attempt to reduce the lag when no keyboard interaction was taking place, and added cool example world by @HT2 :)

29 Nov 2013 - v7.6 - Okay, this was a tough call - I am trying to push all the performance I can out of this project... See what you think, but I have implemented an iterative tile loader so as you move around you may see parts of the level load up *grin* - I have also tied the forced delay code to only activate when certain keys are pressed so that we get the best performance when only using the mouse... Let me know if you think this is now better, or worse than before please!!!

29 Nov 2013 - v7.5 - Added Trapdoors, Improved mob intelligence + added passive mob following steve scripts if he is holding their fav food :)

28 Nov 2013 - v7.4 - *Levers, *improved command parsing including /lock 1 - Prevents use of commands for other players (in savegame too), /killall - kills all mobs in chunk, /clear - empties your inventory, /setspawn - Sets the spawn point to where you are now, *Bug fixes. So, I've added levers, but only to creative, and I might take them out or change how they work so be-warned when inventing uses! I'm not sure they work well enough how I've done them, and i'm not sure I don't just want them to work like buttons yet. Save game locking stops players from using any cheats while playing (except the user who locked the map). The command parse means that you can now use commands like /time set 12345 and it will work. Fixed bugs: Passive mob over-spawning on load game, load instead of save when die on another chunk bug fixed, adventure mode now has fall damager.

26 Nov 2013 - v7.3 - Ready for future updates I've added some nether tiles. Sandstone texture updated AGAIN. The 'N' key is now used to Name/Write On signs and also now on chests. You can now place non solid blocks at your feet without moving out the way. Bug fixes - All leaf types now decay, and decaying leaves can drop saplings. Fixed items broken in creative leaving behind their block data (internal).

25 Nov 2013 - v7.2 - Implemented bonemeal... including giant mushrooms :) - Except that I just discovered there are no mushrooms growing naturally anymore... That was never added back to the version 2 world gen scripts! - oops.

25 Nov 2013 - v7.1 - Added Blocks of Iron, Gold, Diamond & Redstone. Blocks of redstone also act as a special form of repeater (They only affect directly touching blocks, have a delay of quarter of a second, and do not reactivate for 5 seconds). Also, fixed the sandstone texture, added cobwebs to creative and re-drew the digging/breaking cursor.

22 Nov 2013 - v7.0 - Not sure it should have been a full revision number, but it has some good changes. Take a peek at my tutorial world under example worlds for a peak :). 1) Torches now need to be standing on a surface or attached to a wall. 2) Added Fences (decorative) 3) Press Down to drop through a platform 4) Harvest items gently float in air 5) Cursor positioning is no longer hindered by semi solid objects like tree trunks, signs or crafting tables, etc... but it is obstructed by mobs. 6) Fixed limited item drop bug.

21 Nov 2013 - v6.9 - Actually quite a big update! 1) Bug fixed to spawning code, 2) Eggs hatch faster, 3) Mobs in pitch black areas are hidden, 4) User spawned mobs DO NOT DESPAWN - that's a biggie if you are designing levels for adventure mode! 5) Added Fly Mode indicator, 6) Fire activates TNT, 7) Added Stairs - YAY!, 8) Reflected recipe support.

20 Nov 2013 - v6.8c & d - Many textures updated to either new versions or better quality versions. Removed unused textures. Increased amount of iron ore in the world.

19 Nov 2013 - v6.8b - Added new Pressure Block (3 iron over 6 stone). This reacts to mobs and also sits flush with the ground so is not destroyed by pistons! - Awesome traps and machines here we come!

19 Nov 2013 - v6.8 - Added horizontal pistons, Added 'Q' to drop currently held item, Improved burning code, fixed inventory crafting item dropping bug & added pressure plate recipe.

18 Nov 2013 - v6.7 - Added burning things :)

18 Nov 2013 - v6.6b - Added Iron doors.

18 Nov 2013 - v6.6 - Added Redstone Ore and redstone + crafting recipes for pistons & repeaters, wheat harvests seeds as well as wheat and TNT can be detonated via redstone. Also fixed bug! Digging speed was wrong for unharvestable tool/block combinations... It was way too fast, now it is s.l.o.w as it should have been. Only noticed because I could dig through the redstone sooo fast :)

13 Nov 2013 - v6.5 - New Directional Wireless repeaters, and variable delay wireless repeaters. Press 'E' on these to affect their use. Obsideon blocks direction repeaters path. Upsidedown pistons are now supported. Duration of pistons and door action can be lengthened by secondary bursts of redstone.

12 Nov 2013 - v6.4 - Added support for example worlds... Do you have a save game others should see? Share it on the forum with a title and description :)

12 Nov 2013 - v6.3b&c - Changing the way pistons pull back items, and added redstone wireless repeaters :) - Pistons only pull back a string of blocks of the same digging class (axe, shovel or pickaxe, etc).

12 Nov 2013 - v6.3 - Reduced fall damage by one block, Fixed TNT explosion craziness! *phew* - No more explosions to bedrock!

11 Nov 2013 - v6.2c - Jungle tree saplings will now grow (no jungle biome yet). Pressure plates active doors as well as pistons. Interesting new feature... Use 'E' on a piston to extend or contract it, then pressure plate will temporarily invert the extension. You can use this to create pressure plates that pull back blocks rather than push them.

11 Nov 2013 - v6.2 - Added Skeletons, More Spawn Eggs, Bones & Bone meal... but bone meal doesn't work yet, added it for future development.

8 Nov 2013 - v6.1g - Added a pressure plate that operates any piston within 3 blocks of it... Not sure if this is really going anywhere like this...

7 Nov 2013 - v6.1e&f - Pistons now can push mobs & Steve, and will kill things that are squashed by the piston.

6 Nov 2013 - v6.1d - A little experiment with pistons. Try creative mode and place a piston on the ground with sand on the top... Then press 'E' on the piston :)

6 Nov 2013 - v6.1b&c - Game loading bug fixes (+ little experiment, doesn't work yet)

1 Nov 2013 - v6.1 - Just bug fixes (Better load game code validation, fix for saving old format loaded games, save game time)

30 Oct 2013 - v6.0 - This is a big one, I've added infinite worlds with different Biomes, new trees, compacted save games with faster load times and bug fixes. Just be warned, it is possible if I need to change the scripts due to bugs that your save games could stop working... This is a side effect of introducing the new compacted save files. Oh, and I have reduced player reach for hitting mobs (to around 1-2 blocks)

25 Oct 2013 - What am I working on? WORLD SEEDS - This is not released yet, but I have incorporated @DadOfMrLog 's random number generator into my world generator so that I can build worlds using seeds (including caves, etc). This will allow people to share seeds in the comments for cool worlds, but also allowed me to update my save game code to reduce the size of snapshots, and will lead the way to adding multi-chunk worlds and the nether!

24 Oct 2013 - v5.4 - Added spider mob, updated lighting mode when off to change day/night visuals... Game now defaults to have lighting mode 'off'. (Oh and did I mention I've begun work on an adventure mode? Try it out using "/gamemode a"

23 Oct 2013 - v5.3 - Added a recipe for string (like a letter O made from wool), now you can make a bow and arrow! + save game bug fix

23 Oct 2013 - v5.3 - Added Sugar Cane to terrain generation. Sugar Cane will grow on soil or sand near water, Cactus will now grow as long as it is on sand.

22 Oct 2013 - v5.2 - Chickens, Eggs, Feathers, Beef, Steak, Milk, Raw/Cooked chicken, recipes for arrows, bows, cake, new spawn eggs (still no natural way to acquire string or sugar cane)

21 Oct 2013 - v5.1c - Passive mobs no longer de-spawn so you can capture them, and mobs are saved in your save games! YAY!!!

21 Oct 2013 - v5.1b - Added mobs to creative mode, but they don't attack unless they get hurt. In survival, Mob's will chase you for 15 seconds after losing sight... then give up.

21 Oct 2013 - v5.1 - Added Craftable Bread, Cows & Leather (no milking, steak or crafting using leather yet)

20 Sep 2013 - v5.0 - Added Leggings, implemented Defense Points, fixed creative mode death bug, fixed explosions trapping you in walls.

12 Aug 2013 - v4.9d - Enemy Mobs will no longer chase you if they haven't got a direct line of sight. This is good as they will no longer congregate around your house unless they can see you through the window of course :) - Also, bug fixes - Using /time set ... causes mobs to stop spawning - fixed!

2 Aug 2013 - v4.9c - Chestplates... (So that's helmets & chestplates down, now I need to do those pesky legs... That's more tricky!)

1 Aug 2013 23:00 GMT - I just passed Mario Galaxy as the MOST VIEWED PROJECT ON SCRATCH (EVER) - YAY! :)

1 Aug 2013 - v4.9b - Added helmets (and done huge amounts of work to allow for it in the background... Let me know if you find things have broken ok?)

30 Jul 2013 - Nothing released... But just to let you know I started work on armour... And oh boy... this is hard work! I'm having to completely restructure the inventory scripts to account for the extra boxes for the armour, and it's not easy!!!

18 Jul 2013 - v4.9 - Hoe, Seeds, Farmland & Wheat. (also slowed down lava)

16 Jul 2013 - v4.8 - Ouch what a couple of days! Reworked the land generation code and broke the lighting :( - Fixed now. Added more interesting cave interactions with surface. Updated water placement to better fit land deformations. Updated tree shape & improved overlapping trees. Added long grass, flowers, mushrooms & pumpkins to land generation. Added clay to sand around lakes.

14 Jul 2013 - v4.7 - Not sure about you, but suddenly Scratch appears to be running slower (in Chrome at least) than a couple of days ago... So much so that I checked my older versions and they also run slowly now :( - I've begun changing things around to try to squeeze every bit of performance I can out of scratch (I hope I don't break anything). Anyhow, if you are suffering from crippling lag (Like me) then you can try disabling the lovely lighting to speed things up by pressing 'T' while playing and typing "/lighting 0".

12 Jul 2013 - v4.6 - Added bows & arrows (need to get them from the bonus chest or use creative). Also added ability to take half a stack of items by holding space before you click to drag them.

11 Jul 2013 - v4.5 - Added bonus chest option. Fixed creative mode so that it retains your inventory. Added '/kill' command that also works in creative mode.

10 Jul 2013 - v4.4 - Little update - Trees added to survival flat lands, and press 'T' to talk (a few of the supported commands include: /time set day, /gamemode c and /gamemode s)

10 Jul 2013 - v4.3 - Added a new Start Game screen that allows you to configure your game world settings. Save games now remember creative mode setting, and on sleeping on a bed causes your respawn zone to be changed. I have removed the bonus chest from survival and also taken away the starting tools. Fly mode should be a little more solid on entry and exit :).

9 Jul 2013 - v4.2 - Spawn Eggs added to creative mode.

9 Jul 2013 - v4.1b - Now here's a good idea! Wood, Cacti, Chests and other blocks that were walkthrough-able can now be stood upon. I like this MUCH better. You can now use the stump of a tree as a platform to dig the higher branches, yet they do not impede you walking through them. As long as the tile above is empty you can stand on the one below by jumping up through it.

9 Jul 2013 - v4.1 - Another rather uninspiring update for you guys, but under the hood a very useful change. I have removed over 100 duplicate costumes by bringing together 2 of the sprites and all their scripts. This means that game tiles, harvested blocks, the held item/tool and the crafting items are all handled by the same set of costumes under one sprite. The _BLOCK_DATA list now has a de-reference from the tile number to the costume to use both when placed down as a tile, or when harvested/held. Excellent change! Smaller project size and easier to maintain. It also will make modding a lot easier.

8 Jul 2013 - v4.0 alpha - Ok, so I'm putting in place the changes necessary to allow me to put in armor and bows & arrows... But to do this I have had to dismember steve in to lots of sprites *gulp* - This could cause horrible tearing onscreen, but I've tried to avoid it. The added bonus is that steve will now haggle his arm when hitting things, and his hand is able to be held out slightly when he's holding an item... Let me know what you think please :)

6 Jul 2013 - v3.16b - And now they drop gunpowder. Tall mobs don't spawn with their heads in rock, and sheep and pigs only spawn on grass. ;)

5 Jul 2013 - v3.16 - CREEPERS ;)

5 Jul 2013 - v3.15b - Mobs now sustain fall damage & lava damage. Zombies burn in direct sunlight.

5 Jul 2013 - v3.15 - You all were feeling awfully tied, so at long last I have introduced the sleeping update! Press 'E' on a bed to begin sleeping, and E again to wait. Note that unlike in real Minecraft, you can currently sleep at any time... and it 'really' speeds up time (by a factor of x20). If a mob attacks you, you are woken up.

4 Jul 2013 - v3.14 - Creative mode is a little more advanced now. Double jump to enter fly mode, double jump again to exit fly mode. Placement range is extended and you are invulnerable.

3 Jul 2013 - v3.13 - Quick update - Trailing an experimental creative mode... Hold down C while clicking one of the front menu buttons... (Use the number keys to swap tile sets when you have your inventory open).

3 Jul 2013 - v3.12 - I've added Jack O'Lanterns, Sheep, Wool & Beds. I think I've also fixed the disappearing mob issue... maybe? :) - Although I've got beds, you CAN'T YET SLEEP in them. Sorry!

2 Jul 2013 - v3.11 - Tweak for those who want to try it - Before (and while) pressing the Play Survival/Peaceful buttons on the front screen hold down any combination of: F (flat world), W (wide world), D (deep world), T (tall world - more building height). Hold them all together for a really big world!

2 Jul 2013 - v3.10c - Arrghh!!! Pickaxes still falling from trees! But I have found the issue for real this time! I think it was when a tree was decaying after the wood was cut away and then you chop the leaves and end up digging the sky... The sky block had an error in it that would drop an invalid object if dug (as it was never expected to be dug). I have also updated Steve so that he appears on the inventory screen :)

1 Jul 2013 - v3.10b - Attempt to address unexpected objects being harvested from trees, etc - I think it might be a multithreading glitch between sprites where one adds to a list and another takes them off, but they do it at the same time... Lets see!

1 Jul 2013 - v3.10 - Fixed Saplings not growing, Fixed suffocation in closed doors, Improved the saved game strings (These are now 100% numeric so are far easier to copy and paste without error, old saved games still work fine assuming they are not truncated - that is, the end of the save has not been lost when copy and pasted - This is the reason that I changed from strings to numbers... Boy did I have issues with case sensitivity though! Converting characters to numbers and keeping the case was not trivial! Cuh, Scratch! *grin*)

29 Jun 2013 - v3.9 - Opening and Closing doors - Press E over the door to open it! (don't close it on yourself or your suffocate if you don't open it quick)

28 Jun 2013 - v3.8 - SAVE GAMES!!! - Ok, so this is a first attempt and there may be niggles so apologies if it loses your saves *sob*. As expected there were bugs in the save code from yesterday so don't try to load them! Press 'O' to output your save game snapshot, then click the green flag and choose load game to enter it back in!

27 Jun 2013 - v3.8pre - Save Games - Only this is a 'pre' release, so although you can save, you can't yet load. This is a work in progress and needs more time. Don't expect you saves from this version to load once I move to v3.8 or v3.9 because there may be bugs that I won't spot until I write the level loading code! Press the letter 'O' to output a snapshot of the game. (

26 Jun 2013 - v3.7 - 1) Modified the game startup to pre-process the light and water flow so that this is done 'before' the player sees the world. 2) Buckets now are required to transport liquids 3) Updated lava/water interactions to produce stone, cobblestone & obsidian when they collide. 4) Source water blocks two blocks apart will create a 3rd water source block in the middle.

25 Jun 2013 - v3.6 - Leaves decay when not within 2 blocks of wood, cacti, signs, and other things auto harvest if the block underneath is destroyed. (Yes I know, torches don't do it... that's because I haven't scripted them to attach to walls yet and if they could only stand of the floor it would be a shame).

24 Jun 2013 - v3.5b - Maximum reach has been set to just under 4 meters for mining and placing blocks. (I will reduce the distance you can hit mobs next)

24 Jun 2013 - v3.5 - Press 'F' to eat the food in your hand. There is no hunger bar, so this works by adding health back at present. Eating zombie flesh has an 80% chance of reducing your health ;)

24 Jun 2013 - v3.4b - Oops, sorry for leaving you all in the dark - I was testing zombie spawning and left it as night right off the bat!

23 Jun 2013 - v3.4 - Mob spawning - Mobs now spawn only within a medium radius around Steve and despawn when they go outside that zone. Zombies now only spawn in the dark and pigs only in light.

22 Jun 2013 - v3.3 - Zombie and pigs respawn when they die, and zombies (should) spawn in the dark only. Nothing much will happen at night though unless you kill zombies underground as new ones don't spawn spontaneously.

21 Jun 2013 - v3.2 - Survival Mode - Zombies (although still around in the light) now follow you and attack with knock back (dropping rotten flesh when dead). Mobs also try not to fall off ledges, and try to jump up to escape or get you if blocked...

21 Jun 2013 - My original project is back! Scratch Team fixed a glitch and I can access my original project once more *phew*. At present the remix tree is still messed up, but maybe that will fix too soon? :)

20 Jun 2013 - Alpha release of zombie mobs - They just act like the pigs at present, except they don't run away. I have yet to make them follow you or attack. They do not mind the sun or spawn in dark places, but that will all come. Other changes of note are that I finally bothered to fix the eternal night time bug and walling water when building too high or near the far left or right of the level! Huzzah!

19 Jun 2013 - Mega cave systems, now with cave entrances breaking the surface... Go exploring! (Oh I so need creepers & zombies now!)

18 Jun 2013 - OH NO!!! MY PROJECT HAS BEEN TAKEN OFFLINE :( Updates and everything are lost until the scratch team put them back? In the meantime, here is the latest version for you to test out... Once the real project comes back I will retire this one with a link to the original project page... Please come back!!! This update includes oxygen bubbles, death by drowning, suffocation & touching lava, Better cave systems + water & lava in caves + bug fixes.
18 Jun 2013 - v2.31 - Added Oxygen Bar, Drowning, Suffocation & Health Regeneration.

17 Jun 2013 - v2.30b - Sign posts and two tile wooden doors *phew*.

17 Jun 2013 - v2.30 - Health bar added, fall damage & death + respawn (Nothing else can hurt you yet).

16 Jun 2013 - v2.29b - Forced Delay is a success! Now it has 3 modes (0=off, 1=minimal, 2=full). Press 'L' to toggle modes and let me know which one seems to make the game most playable... If you could also let me know whether you feel your PC is slow or fast in general it would help :) - THANKS!!!

15 Jun 2013 - v2.29 - TNT updated to be detonated by flint and steel, Second attempt at the Curiouscrab fix ;), and introduction of experimental forced delay option to reduce lag on slower PCs... Press 'L' to toggle on and off and tell me which is better for you and what the specs of your PC are :)

14 Jun 2013 - v2.28b - The Curiouscrab fix for odd sky block tile bug and the fix for tools in the furnace burning too long?

14 Jun 2013 - v2.28 - Piggies can swim, run 'away', and be killed (giving you raw pork). You can cook pork, collect apples from trees, leaves drop saplings and you can plant saplings (trees grow in time - no check to see if there's room or water though), and flint can be harvested from gravel.

13 Jun 2013 - v2.27 - Added mob damage - But no kills yet (+bug fixes)

12 Jun 2013 - v2.26b - Added recipes for swords + gold tools.

12 Jun 2013 - v2.26 - What the heck... Added a quick splash screen and a little help... Need more of that though ;)

11 Jun 2013 - v2.25 - A better day - Glitches fixed (falling blocks, flying pigs, illumination in dark areas, flowing water/lava) and introduced tool durability bar.

10 Jun 2013 - v2.24b - What an awful day! Entire project full of corruption :( - Just spent 2-3 hours pouring through code renaming and replacing every variable reference to fix it. Ug.. Let me know if anything obvious is still broken that worked before?

10 Jun 2013 - v2.24 - Pigs! Not finished, but pigs!!! :) - So they don't react to water, or you or being hit, etc... But that will come next. I just wanted to see how you got on with them interacting with the level... oh, and they are not lit yet either (don't get dark in shadow).

8 Jun 2013 - v2.23b - Fixed crafting bug - now you can craft stone, iron & diamond tools again. Also added missing mining speed penalty for trying to dig a material that you cannot harvest with the current tool.

7 Jun 2013 - v2.23 - Added tool durability / damage - Tools are worn out by use, wooded ones quickest, then stone, iron and last diamond. When I implement gold, it will wear out the quickest... I also implemented single stacking for tools... Watch out for glitches :)

7 Jun 2013 - v2.22b - Bug fixes only - Think I fixed the disappearing items in furnace bug... it was a killer - almost broke me!!!

6 Jun 2013 - v2.22 - Added working chests and for now a bonus chest that should start around 6 blocks to your right... Full of goodies! Also improved the background of the various user interface screens (less transparent with a nice beveled edge), and finally fixed the stone pickaxe costume :)

5 Jun 2013 - v2.21 - Added Crafting Arrow and smelting progress indicators to UI.

4 Jun 2013 - v2.20 - Re-done the terrain generation to be random and form hills, deserts, water, beaches, small caves, trees, cacti, and other types of rock and ores, etc... This should make things a little more interesting :)

4 Jun 2013 - v2.19b - I've reworked all the crafting so you can now move items from the crafted side to the crafting side, and drop items from the inventory. Furnaces can now be opened and fueled and block smelted. Recipes for ladders and other items added.

3 Jun 2013 - v2.17c - Performance improvement, Is for FPS any better now? Also added sprite count (Oh no, I'm approaching the 300 sprite limit of Scratch!).

3 Jun 2013 - v2.17b - Fixed leaf dropping bug, added more wood to trees, added crafting recipe for torches, changed iron & gold to drop ore, not ingots... need a furnace now!

2 Jun 2013 - v2.17 - New crafting for shovels, axes & pickaxes (wood, stone, iron & diamond). Dig speeds also implemented for each tool. Correct harvesting of blocks from ores (iron ingot from iron ore, but only with pickaxe, cobblestone from stone, etc).

30 May 2013 - v2.15 - Added Inventory & basic crafting - This was a HARD update! You can currently only craft wooden planks and a crafting table! Have a go and see if you can do it :)

28 May 2013 - v2.14 - Added the Inventory Hotlist and real object pickup. However, to keep it fun for now you can still swap to any object by pressing the same number key multiple times over.

28 May 2013 - Yay :) - Really have fixed the exploding bug now where TNT did not detonate after my last fixes.

27 May 2013 - Few updates to try to reduce lag after large TNT activity and to fix bedrock destruction bug :-)

26 May 2013 - OK, so its not quite authentic, but you can ignite the TNT by placing a standard torch on top of it :) - Enjoy!

24 May 2013 - Added lots more block types & tools. Most blocks have been categories as 1 - Tools, 2 - Illumination, 3 - Earth, 4 - Wood, 5 - Stone, 6 - Organic, 7 - Objects, 8 - Furniture, 9 - Liquid, 0 - Explosives.

23 May 2013 - Added day and night toggle (T) - Doubled up lighting model to store daylight and other lights separately & combine in real-time to allow degrees of sunlight without re-calculation of entire light matrix. Bit concerned about the overall performance dropping :/

23 May 2013 - Added varying material light absorption levels so that dirt leaks a small amount of light, but rock lets none passed. Also water now gets darker the deeper you go.

22 May 2013 - Added Block Harvesting... But no inventory yet... Do you think this could work? At present I've limited it to 16 or so harvested blocks on the ground at once... Performance will drop otherwise. Also I need to still implement lighting on collectables.

22 May 2013 - Added water currents and swimming, fixed water texture to work with new lighting engine.

21 May 2013 - Added Experimental lighting engine - Exposed unpleasant issues with Scratch Brightness, Ghosting and subpixel costume causing black fringing around tiles :S

20 May 2013 - Switched Spacebar back to jump, Block Placement now uses mouse click (like minecraft pocket edition). Huge reshuffle of block codes (sad to lose nice easy naming of blocks, but numeric numbering is extremely useful to allow quick look ups of block statistics. Now supports specific block hardnesses and dig speeds. Swap to pickaxe (press '5') to dig a lot faster. Also, fixed bug where you can walk through walls, and placing a block on a grass block now kills the grass underneath, and and and... oh yes, you can't place a block in mid air, it must be adjacent to another block.

19 May 2013 - Can now place a few block types - press 1, 2, 3 & 4

17 May 2013 - Water... Minecraft Style :)

17 May 2013 - Changed name from "Minecraft Tile Scrolling Digging Test v2.3" to "Paper Minecraft Test v2.3"

16 May 2013 - v2.3 - First attempt at re-growing grass & minecraft alpha style flowing water. Diamonds are now only found deep down.

15 May 2013 - v2.2 - Added Falling Gravel - This will begin to demonstrate how far this simulation can be taken :)

14 May 2013 - v2.1 - Added Steve walking animation, independent moving head with head bob, mining, & slow mining graphics.

13 May 2013 - v2.0 - Initial Release of clever tiled window scrolling code without any cloning or deletion after initial load (This lets us do things as scroll around as quickly as possible!)

*** Credits ***
All the graphics are taken from the Minecraft wiki page and have not been created by me. I have rescaled them and broken them up to make the game work, but that is it at present.

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