Optimum Paint v1.10 r0010

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Download or the frame will be shrunken down! I know why this happens, but I can't fix it :(

This is an improvement of an old project that I made with the same name. (I actually almost completely redid it.)


• Size: There are 5 sizes. Click on any of the size buttons to change to that size.

• Color: click anywhere on the color picker to change to that color.

• Clear: click on this button to clear the screen.

• Reset: click on this button to reset the size, color, and tool to default.

• Tools: Click on any tool to use it.

• Brush: The first tool in the list. Use it to paint normally.
• Eraser: The second tool on the list. You can change the size of the eraser.
• Line tool: The third tool on the list. To use, click where you want the line to start, and then click where you want it to end.
• Rectangle tool: The fourth tool on the list. To use, click where you want one corner of the rectangle to be, and then click where you want the opposite corner to be.
• Spraypaint tool: The first tool on the second row of the list. To use, click and hold the mouse. I would recommend not using size 1 while doing this.


• Sometimes, the color picker doesn't register your click and it changes to white. That is the only bug that I haven't found a workaround for.

• The other bug is that when you've started a line or rectangle and haven't finished it, then you can't click another tool. I made it so that when you try to click another tool and it doesn't work, a little error message pops up saying "finish line!" or "finish rectangle!"

Anyway, enjoy! If you find any bugs or have any ideas of how I can improve Optimum Paint, please tell me.

A very minor update to v1.10 (r0010) fixed the line bug because many people complained about it after it being curated.

v1.10 (r0010) was another update that added the spraypaint tool, released on April 22. The tool section looks a bit lopsided now :D.

v1.01 (r0009) was a minor update, which added a color picker and an intro.

v1.00 (r0007) was the first version of the improved Optimum Paint open to the public. Released on 4/17/10, it had a pretty good color picker, a size selector, clear and reset buttons, and 4 tools.

Before v1.00:
Optimum Paint was completely different before v1.00. It was made almost a year ago and had lots of bugs. It had only a few colors.

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